No genuine savings & no LMI with 15% deposit


Borrow up to $1 mil for your next home or investment property with no genuine savings and don’t pay any LMI with a 15% deposit.

Criteria include:

1. No probation (unless they have moved to a higher paying job in the same industry)
2. Must have clean CRAA
3. No blemishes whatsoever, no late payments etc.
4. No debt consolidation or cash out
5. No construction or vacant land
6. Must be a category 1 location
7. Loan amount cannot exceed $1m
8. No genuine savings required
9. Dollar for dollar refinance
10. If the property is strata titled less than 2 years old we cannot accept this security under this policy

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PLEASE NOTE: All information is correct at the time of writing and could change without notice. This is all subject to be able to service a loan with enough income and a clear credit history.


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