Motorcycle finance rates in Australia


New recreational or ‘lifestyle’ asset types can be financed as a Consumer Loan product, including:

•motorcycles and scooters (road bikes only)
•motor homes.

The maximum loan amount under the Consumer Loan product has also been increased to $250,000. This applies to all asset types excluding motorcycles and scooters, which are capped at $100,000. With some of the most competitive motorcycle finance rates in Australia enquire today.

•flexible loan terms available, up to 84 months (excluding motorcycles
and scooters)
•standard fees apply.

The Consumer Loan is suitable for customers acquiring passenger
cars, motorcycles, scooters, caravans and campervans for personal use. If you are a business customer (sole trader/trust/company) you may be eligible for a vehicle/equipment loan with no financials.

Motorcycles and scooters*
$5,000 – $100,000^
New to 4 years old
12 – 60 months
Maximum 9 years
Monthly in arrears or advance
Direct debit
Private sales: Not permitted
Insurance financed: Yes
Caravans, campervans and motor homes
$5,000 – $250,000^
New to 4 years old
12 – 84 months
Maximum 11 years
Monthly in arrears or advance
Direct debit
Private sales: Permitted
Insurance financed: Yes

Balloon payments:

Passenger cars:
Permitted between 1 – 5 year loans
Motorcycles and scooters*:
Not permitted Permitted between 1 – 5 year loans
Caravans, campervans and motor homes:
Permitted between 1 – 5 year loans

Final balloon payments may be scheduled into the loan only where it is not unsuitable for the customer and is consistent with their objectives. Only customers assessed as appropriately credit-worthy will be approved for final balloon payments in accordance with these guidelines.

Term Balloon payment %
12 – 36 months Up to 40%
37 – 48 months Up to 35%
49 – 60 months Up to 25%

Various insurances may be financed within the Consumer Loan. The finance provider is to be noted as an interested party on the insurance policies. Insurance provider and policy is subject to approval.

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Customer profile:
As a guide, applicants should have the following attributes:
• Australian citizen or permanent resident
• Australian drivers licence
• permanent employment (long term part time and casual
employment considered)
• not bankrupt (including discharged)
• no unpaid overdue debts
• loan serviceability evidenced
Capacity Calculator:
• satisfactory existing credit bureau file. Other factors including asset-backing, stability in residence and employment, deposit, loan amount and requested loan terms will also be considered when assessing the application.
Supporting information
When submitting an application, please ensure all the
following supporting information is included:
• declaration of financial situation
• privacy consent form
• two current payslips, group certificate or tax return
• copy of original drivers licence.

Responsible lending guidelines
It is the responsibility of both the introducer and the lender to make appropriate enquiries of the customer to ensure the loan is not unsuitable for their circumstances.
Depending on the individual circumstances, we may require further evidence of income, property ownership, bank account balances, loan balances and other information as deemed necessary to make an appropriate decision.


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